This webinar is an opportunity to review the popular CLOCKS presentation from the recent Scientia User Conference, including a detailed case study from Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands and a demonstration of the product.

CLOCKS (Classroom Occupancy System) is a cloud delivered application designed to enable Scientia users to accurately measure the actual real-time utilisation of learning spaces such as classrooms, lecture theatres, learning zones and more.
Using the latest WiFi technologies and powered by Lone Rooftop’s innovative Position Intelligence Engine (PIE), CLOCKS can display all classroom occupancy information and link this to data from the Enterprise Foundation timetabling system. This allows Universities to instantly determine what are the occupancy rates for scheduled lessons and lectures as well as the instant identification of all ‘no-shows’.

If you spend significant time and effort on room auditing, but still lack the real-time evidence to better manage room and space requirements with your academic colleagues, then this presentation should be of particular interest. Please feel free to invite colleagues from your IT en Estate teams should you wish to explore the significant savings that CLOCKS can help to drive across your institution.

Presented by: Jonathan Armstrong, Scientia and Youri Wildeman, Lone Rooftop Channel Manager
When: Wednesday 24 May at 2pm GMT and 3pm CET